A bishop then must be ... apt to teach  1 Timothy 3:2

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Old Testament was the Bible of Jesus and his disciples. It was the foundation of the Christian Gospel narrative. It is also subjected to misunderstanding, misuse, and neglect in modern culture.

This series of lessons will address the challenge of reading the Old Testament from a Christian (post Pentecost) perspective in the 21st century. The class will look at issues like:

- The general structure and content of the O.T.
- Key passages that shape the O.T. story
- Ways in which the O.T. paves the way for the Christian Gospel
- Controversial passages and values that are a part of the O.T.
- The New Testament’s use of the Old Testament
- The stories, covenants, and laws that make up the O.T. narrative
- The apparent “contradictions” between the Old and New Testaments
- The proper use of the O.T. by Christians living in the modern world

Difficult questions will be addressed with an honest, balanced, and humble spirit as it seeks insight and wisdom that will give Christians confidence in reading the O.T. The class will be aimed at those who are growing and mature in their faith but it also hopes to be accessible to those who are new Christians or those outside the Christian faith who are interested in understanding the Old Testament. The approach will be intellectually responsible without being academic. It will be spiritually edifying without being strictly devotional. It will be theologically orthodox without being disrespectful of other views.

(01) 01/06/2019 2 Tim 2-15 The Old Testament Challenge

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(02) 01-13-2019 2 Pet 3-14-18 Hints for Bible reading

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